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What our clients have to say:

“I do not like dealing with telecom salespeople. They waste my time and I never feel that I’m getting straight info – it seems it is always the “deal of the day.” That’s why I appreciate Ecomtek. We have retained Ecomtek on a continuous basis since 2004 and used them to represent our interests with the telcos – across our multiple providers in three states.

The results have been fantastic. Ecomtek does all the homework and then provides me with quantified options – exactly what I need for fact-based decision making. Plus Ecomtek implements the changes and ensures correct billing of them. My only time commitment has been for making decisions. Bottom line is that through a series of actions, we have reduced spending nearly in half. Ecomtek is a great partner to have on our team…and yours!” – Chief Operating Officer

The Results

 Benchmark Spending/YrAnnual Savings $/yrAnnual Savings %
Long Distance$14,964$7,74152%
Total Recurring$66,757$31,43747%

Nothing to lose. So much to save.

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