Reducing Telecom Expenses

As your business grows and evolves, so do your company’s needs. Everything is constantly changing, and it’s easy to rely on the consistency of your monthly telecommunication expenses. Ironically, this is one of the most rapidly evolving services you’re paying for. Technology and pricing in the telecom industry are updated frequently, sometimes as often as every quarter. For this reason, it’s important to continuously consider better, more cost-efficient options for your business.


What services does your company actually need to run efficiently? What’s no longer working for your employees and clients? Are you happy with your current provider’s technology, reliability, and cost? Are there expenses in your budget that are outdated or unnecessary? Reflecting on these questions can help you to start identifying room for improvement. While thinking about cost, it’s crucial to look at your total invoice as opposed to your monthly expenses and see what you actually end up paying. You may be carrying an insurance or paying for a service that you don’t realistically need, or may not even realize you have.


There are many small fees or one-time expenses that add up over time. When you consider the total cost and individual services, you most likely won’t need to change providers in order to reduce your expenses. It’s all about knowing what your business needs and paying exclusively for those solutions. For example, landline phones may have worked well for your company in the past, and may still be working well now. However, you may be surprised to see that a new phone system could be much more expensive in the long run when compared to VOIP, which may even better suit your company’s needs, from the same provider.


Reducing your telecommunication expenses can seem overwhelming, but it isn’t impossible. We know that as a business owner, you don’t always have the time to focus on every aspect of the business that you’d like to. That’s where Ecomtek can help! Our goal is to reduce your monthly telecommunication expenses with a minimal investment of your time. We focus on learning the needs of your business, analyzing services and contract options, realizing necessary changes, and ensuring that money is saved. Unlike other companies, our goal is total transparency, and our fee is a percentage of your realized savings, so we only make money when you save!


Ecomtek offers telecom cost reduction as well as telecom consulting services. Call us at (502) 326-5739, email us at, or submit a contact form online and start saving money today!