The Telecom Devil in the Details

Telecommunication providers know how to get our attention- they advertise ideal prices, major discounts, and huge savings. There are many ways marketers make their services sound too good to be true. More often than not, we all know there’s most likely going to be a catch somewhere down the line, but surprisingly, we don’t always notice it. Sometimes, we’ve been paying a monthly expense for years before ever stopping to ask: what am I actually paying for?


As a business owner, it’s critical to know what services you’re getting and for what price. There are several details to consider when it comes to selecting or updating your company’s telecommunication services. To begin with, watch out for promo pricing that expires after an intro period. Consider the needs of your business and how long you’ll be using the service- could there be a more cost efficient, long-term alternative? It’s important to look beyond the monthly bill; this is another way businesses end up losing money over time.


Pay attention to the difference between quoted pricing and total invoice. Many services advertise a price or offer a quote that doesn’t include certain fees, taxes, or incidental charges. “One time” and upfront costs for installation or changes can add up quickly for your company. It may actually be more cost-efficient to use a service or provider with a higher bill, but without hidden additional fees over time.


You may also be paying for services that don’t benefit your business at all. Telecom companies often sell add-on services to qualify for a bundle and include auto-renewal provisions. It’s important to consider what services your company actually needs. It doesn’t matter how good a deal sounds if it includes paying for services or insurances that won’t be used to their worth. In the same way, it doesn’t make sense to continue paying for services that are out-of-date and no longer beneficial to your company and are still an expense.


You don’t necessarily have to go through the hassle of changing providers in order to reduce your telecom expenses. If you’re happy with your current services or providers, there are still ways to ensure you aren’t paying unnecessary expenses. It takes dedication and time to ensure your business is getting the most ideal services while optimizing your savings. At Ecomtek, our detail-oriented independent analysts are ready to help! Our focus is understanding the unique needs of your business and identifying areas to save in your telecommunication expenses. In addition, our fee is a percentage of your realized savings, so we only make money when we save you money!


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