Three Reasons Organizations Don’t Keep Telecom Services Up-To-Date

At Ecomtek, we save our clients 25-30% on average on their telecom spending. In some cases, these savings amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. So why aren’t more organizations eager to get control of their telecom services? The following are the top three reasons we’ve found for why telecom remains a Wild West of Wires for many organizations.

Dealing with telecom carriers can be a hassle.

Dealing with telecom carriers is not fun – we know. But luckily, you don’t have to if you work with us. You can say goodbye to wasting hours of your life on hold, and all the other side effects of “Telecom Fatigue”. Through our process, we work with the carrier for you in order to implement the best telecom strategy and verify that your savings are realized.

People are unaware of the possibilities.

Most people look at their phone bill and say “Oh, it hasn’t changed since last month, so it’s okay,” instead of thinking, “This bill was too high in the first place.” Many people think of telecom as a fixed service because it’s billed monthly, but it’s not. There is opportunity to discover big savings by digging into the smallest of details.

Understanding telecom services can be overwhelming.

It can be very confusing and time-consuming to try to get control of your telecom services. In between having to navigate customer service and all the bills going back for years, is the tracing of numbers and records for accuracy blended with the confusion that’s been building over the course of years. It’s a lot to manage and drives most business owners to procrastinate rather than capitalize on the potential.

All that to say, it’s not easy – that’s why people don’t do it or do it well. We are experts in telecom cost reduction and we want to take this hassle off your plate. We work hard to find you savings, and only get paid if you save. There’s no excuse not to give us try. Contact us today and we’ll get to work to save you money.

Nothing to lose. So much to save.

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