Our Process

Small changes over long periods can add up to a big mess. We sort through that mess for you.

We respect our clients’ time, and our approach to Telecom Cost Reduction reflects that respect by aiming to be a painless experience for our clients. On average, our clients spend just 2 hours per year to achieve savings with Ecomtek. We do the legwork so you don’t have to.

Ecomtek’s Three Phases of Telecom Cost Reduction

Phase One: Analysis

Ecomtek will conduct a thorough bill audit of your telecom carrier services to understand exactly what your organization is spending and what the cost reduction alternatives are for your organization. In this phase, we will speak to carriers and study invoices to get a detailed benchmark of what you are spending and what you are actually getting. Surprises are common.

Phase Two: Implementation

Upon completion of Phase One, Ecomtek will conduct a review meeting to go through the analysis and savings alternatives. You decide what actions, if any, you want to pursue. Ecomtek will then begin implementation of these cost reduction strategies by working with your organization’s carrier(s), phone and IT vendors to make the necessary changes.

Phase Three: Bill Verification

Once implementation takes place, it’s important to verify that all changes occurred as planned and promised by the carrier. This is where “Telecom Fatigue” often occurs. Ecomtek will review the billing and doggedly pursue telecom carriers to get it right.

Nothing to lose. So much to save.

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