Telecom Cost Reduction

Telecom cost reduction is achieved through a process of
analysis, implementation and verification.

Ecomtek will conduct a thorough bill audit of your telecom carrier services to understand exactly what your organization is spending and what the cost reduction alternatives are in the first phase of a three-phase process. Once opportunities for savings are identified, approved changes are implemented and verified by Ecomtek.

We have the experience, expertise, and persistence to reduce telecom costs

There are almost always savings in telecom spending.
Savings opportunities come from waste, pricing, and technology. The key to our success is digging through the details to find those opportunities, and then ensuring all changes get done. We average 25-30% spending reductions for our clients … usually the accumulation of many small actions.

We are on your side.
Our fee is self-funding: a share of savings after realized in your vendor bills, paid over time so you are always cash positive. And, unlike brokers, Ecomtek has no vested interest in getting you to change telecom providers. It’s no wonder over 70% of our clients’ savings are with existing carriers.

Organizations are constantly adapting to remain relevant – your telecom services should, too.
Telecom is often thought of as a fixed service, but it shouldn’t be. Telecom should be updated to match your needs. Making sure that your telecom services meet your needs doesn’t have to mean downtime or lost productivity. Because of our methods, 70% of our clients reduce costs without changing current providers.

Telecom services reviewed include:

  • Local, Long Distance, VOIP
  • Internet Access, Data Networks
  • Cellular Voice & Data
  • Conferencing, E-fax
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • PBX Maintenance

Nothing to lose. So much to save.

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